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Minutes Of CCSC Meeting


November 8, 2008


In attendance:  Bruce Findley, Emily Kletzien, Richard Nelson, Russ Kraay, Frank DiVesta, and Janet Medina


There was a lengthy discussion regarding the Raft-Up and the spring college.  It was decided to maintain the previous name of Round Up for the pre computer college counseling session. 

Patricia Myers will be given a more extensive list of items to be covered in her planning of the next Round Up on December 12 at 1:15 pm in the Grand Cypress Room.


Richard will discuss with Teri about the purchase of pencils with the Computer College website on them.  These can be given to all who attend the Round Up in lieu or in addition to door prizes.  The website name is to be determined.


Russ will select people from the previous college wait lists for priority registration in the next college. 


Larry Brock’s name was mentioned for membership in the CCSC and Richard will contact him.


Janet will invite Ted Boynton to the next CCSC meeting for a discussion of the PC Users Club and the possibility of its  association with the computer college.  This would give the college the ability to generate the interest of not only more computer users, but of possible instructors and assistants as well. 


There was a suggestion by Frank that we include a course in the computer college called Teachers’ Institute (perhaps) where future instructors would be taught how to teach in the college with tips and techniques, course outlines, etc. 

Janet will contact Wally Mercer concerning the possible inclusion of Mac Users in the computer college.  This would entail instructors coming from the Mac Club and each student bringing his own laptop.


Janet suggested a course in adaptive technology wherein the various accessibility features already on the computers would be taught. The limit of 25 classes per term is a real drawback.


There was a brief mention of Cloud computing which appears to be in the near future for many. 


Russ is getting good response on the new E-Notes that he sends occasionally to all Shell Pointers who have provided e-mail addresses.  He will continue using this avenue to keep the residents informed of the work of the CCSC.


We had a short chat about an organizational chart for the CCSC and all its affiliates.  This idea was tabled.


A new steering committee has been formed under the umbrella of the CCSC.  It is called School of Technology.  Its members are Richard Nelson, Bruce Findley, Ed Mitchell and Janet Medina. This group will discuss ways to include the teaching of applied technology “gadgets” in the computer college.


It was agreed that Saturdays are a good day for the CCSC meetings, so I will schedule the Buttonwood room every two weeks at 1:15 pm.  Our next meeting will be on November 22 and a reminder will be sent a couple of days prior to that.