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Did you ever hear the rhymes about Goops?

I heard about them on my Grandma’s stoop,

I lived on a farm many years back when

My mother had to help and then

I spent my day with my loving Grandmother,

Only me – and not my brother.

I remember helping her shell fresh peas

We could chat ask whatever I please.

She taught me many lessons for life,

Show your good manners, how to be nice.

The Goops were used as examples for me

To learn about manners, exemplary.

Their rhymes were found in a small little book

I couldn’t read, but loved to just look. 

Here’s a poem about Goops.

             The Goops they lick their fingers

             The Goops they lick their knives,

             They spill their soup on the tablecloth

             And lead untidy lives.

I’ve remembered their rhymes all my life

And I never, ever lick my knife!

Sue Nelson